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Your Public Adjuster is a focused, hands-on company available to you 24/7. Our expertise begins with an immediate review of your policy for coverages and a full evaluation of the visual damage to your property. We complete a thorough structural inspection of the property. This is to determine any possible additional damages to the property which may also include additional damage to the roofing system of the building.

What to Expect

Each claim is unique. We have had the insurance company settle claims within 30 days, while other companies have taken over three years to settle a claim. We have found most claims do not take that long. The average claim process is about 6 to 10 months. While this may seem like a long time, a thorough claims process is required to sufficiently inspect the damage and allow the insurance company to rightfully pay what the claim is worth.

Your Public Adjuster handles the entire claim while keeping you informed at every step of the process. Your focus needs to be on your priorities and family, while our priority is focused on the handling and resolution of your claim.

Why Choose Your Public Adjuster?

Your Public Adjuster is a family-owned and operated company. We understand the sense of urgency you have to resume your daily life and we work diligently with you to make sure you get the most out of your claim so your home or business can be made whole again.

Hurricane or Storm

Hurricanes have high-velocity winds that can cause catastrophic damage to your property such as roofs blowing away, flooding, or complete destruction. Damage can be extensive and may leave you displaced from your residence.

While a hurricane can cause overwhelming damage, Your Public Adjuster can help you navigate your claim during this stressful time and provide you peace of mind. We untangle the complexity of your claim which gives you, the homeowner, the confidence that your claim will receive the full value of repair or replacement to make YOU whole again.

Water Damage

Water damage can result from visible or hidden pipe breaks or bursts within the wall or below the slab, pipe leaks, shower pan leaks, air conditioning or water heater line leaks, and kitchen and bathroom leaks among others.

These issues can lead to very costly damage to your property that cannot always be seen until repairs begin. Therefore, when we inspect your property, we use the latest technology to determine the extent of the damages, providing valuable claim insight. We strongly recommend you contact Your Public Adjuster FIRST, as we often find damage your insurance company will miss.

Water damage is one of the most common reasons for filing an insurance claim with your carrier. While coverage can exclude perils like flooding or sewage backup, a homeowner’s policy typically covers other sudden or internal perils like a burst pipe. It is important to know if your homeowner’s policy has a water limit or exclusions that could affect your claim’s outcome. Your Public Adjuster can analyze your policy, inspect your damages, and provide honest recommendations at no expense to you.

Flood Damage

Floods have the potential to be quite dangerous, as well as damaging. This overflow of water can be associated with rising, flowing, seeping, or discharge from a surrounding body of water or from an excess of rainwater.

If the water came from inside your home, such as from the toilet, pipes, shower, or sprinkler lines in the yard this is NOT considered a flood and is likely covered under water damage with your homeowner’s policy.

Flood insurance covers both the building and its contents. Remember that it is crucial to know exactly what your insurance policy covers and what it does not cover. As always, contact Your Public Adjuster FIRST to assist with your insurance claim and policy concerns.

Fire & Smoke

A fire claim can prove to be a very harsh reality. It is important to obtain a copy of your fire report and to document all your damaged contents. Fire losses not only cause damage from the flames, but smoke damage is another serious issue. The overall damage from a fire must be properly investigated and documented for you to be indemnified.

Your Public Adjuster will help if you’ve had a house fire, as you are probably displaced from your home and have immediate needs like clothing and supplies. While the overwhelming damages of the fire can cause undue hardship and stress, our expertise in fire and smoke claims can help you navigate the claims process while maximizing your claim’s value.

Wind Damage

Often, Florida windstorm claims involve shingle damage, trees falling on your property, fences blown down, and leaky windows. This type of damage can also bring hidden unforeseen damages that may not be documented upon the initial insurance company’s assessment of your property.

Damage caused by wind is covered in most homeowners’ insurance policies, however, there can be ambiguous exclusions or limitations which may cause your claim to be underpaid or denied.
As always, contact Your Public Adjuster FIRST to assist with your insurance claim and policy concerns. Our expertise in damage assessments allows us to determine whether the damage has been caused by wear and tear or a covered peril, such as wind/hail, debris impact, or direct physical damage.


Mold damage claims can be complex issues as insurance policies have various limitations when dealing with mold. Certain insurance policies either limit the payments that can be made or exclude them altogether. Mold from water damage, flood damage, AC overflow, plumbing leak, toilet overflow, a burst pipe, leaky pipe, or some other accident or natural disaster are all common scenarios here in Florida. It is important to act fast when evidence of mold is seen to avoid any health risks.


The trained staff at Your Public Adjuster can fully investigate the cause and origin of the mold so that we may properly report it to your insurance company.

If you’ve experienced damage from past hurricanes, you may still have time to file an insurance claim or dispute prior settlements.

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